Welcome to bim.GROUP

It’s time to say goodbye to BIM Design
and open a new era.
Our design expertise and capacity haven’t changed over the past year
50 000 m2
200 000 m3
10 000 t
steel structure
200 000 m2
floor area
One of our favorite projects
comes to an end soon: and we are presenting you our renewed brand concept

Until the plan becomes a reality, follow our major news on LinkedIn

The Art of Engineering

This slogan represents the essence of our workflow: precision of an engineer combined with the talent of an artist evolving into feasible construction. The expertise of our team of nearly 100 professionals covers all the main design disciplines.

We see the challenges of our customers to be our own. The secret of our project success is meeting deadlines, continuous control over costs and sustainable planning of the built environment.

The design even of our brand-new website is our mission, and we create it in close cooperation with the contractors. In the meantime, the content of the previous concept is available here.