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Sectoral planning
International companies in the field of general design, architectural design companies, specialist contractor/manufacturing companies
Localisation Package
Localisation and approval of designs of international design companies for Hungarian projects
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We think and design with a contractor's perspective, seeing our clients' problems as our own.


The Art of Engineering

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Who are we?

The bim.GROUP in numbers:

  • How many?
    100+ people
  • Since when?
    More than 30 years
  • How much?
    More than 3000 completed projects.
  • How?
    Through the work of 6 disciplines

Our annual performance:

  • 200 000 m2
    of floor space
  • 50 000 m2
    of facade
  • 10 000 t
  • 200 000 m3
    reinforced concrete