Who are we?

We have been operating as a general design company on the Hungarian and international markets for almost 30 years, from 2021 as bim.GROUP (formerly BIM Design). At bim.GROUP we consider our clients' challenges as our own, believing that meeting deadlines, keeping costs under control and sustainable design of the built environment are the keys to successful collaboration.

Our aim is to responsibly improve our environment through the broad and flexible use of our knowledge and expertise, and through innovation. With a dedicated team of nearly 100 in-house experts and the coordinated collaboration of six different disciplines, we can deliver the most complex design projects. We are committed to and collaborative with our partners, continuously improving our processes and training our colleagues. We have a forward-thinking approach, being among the first in the market to use the latest technologies and software, which we support to guarantee the highest quality for our customers.


The Art of Engineering

We are committed to technological innovation, with a focus on continuous progress and the most up to date solutions. Our broad professional portfolio is combined with a progressive approach and conscious cost control. We strive for the optimum solution for every project, constantly looking for the new, and never shying away from the more difficult and challenging tasks.

Value Engineering

In a construction project, the key factor is not only the cost of the installed product, but also the cost of the construction process itself. With decades of experience in the sector bim.GROUP is looking for the optimum cost for the whole investment. Our Value Engineering processes also look at the cost of the product itself and the way how it will be built in. We will analyse the technical alternatives in a complex way, looking at their interactions and other important aspects. We do all this in a transparent way with the client and the general contractor, using advanced BIM methodology.

We bring a focus on feasibility of every task and execute the design with engineering precision and artistic creativity. We are not satisfied with simply meeting our clients' needs, but we aim to create something that will remain remarkable for the future.



To ensure the continuous development of our company, we welcome enquiries and take on assignments not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. We are keen to participate in the realisation of different projects, even in collaboration with co-designers, and as a result we are inspired by continuous development and learning from each other.


Csaba Kelemen


Zsolt Ballay


Levente Barta


Gyöngyi Stefáni

General design leader

Gabriella Ternák

Architect office, operative leader

Zoltán Porcsalmy

Business development leader architect

Gábor Balán

Sectoral planning, operative leader

Zsolt Gutléber

Building Envelope Design, team leader

Róbert Fekete

Steel structure design – operative leader

András Balázs Kocsis

Business developement leader

Lajos Zeleny

Reinforced concrete design – operative leader


We think and design with a contractor's perspective, seeing our clients' problems as our own.


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