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In case of any kind of design, the task often requires deep knowledge and coordinated cooperation of several disciplines. The strength of bim.GROUP is that it brings together professionals from 6 different disciplines, so it can tackle any challenge you may face, based on our combined knowledge. Whether it's a complex general or specific discipline design, we have wide construction and manufacturing experience. We can meet the most complex customer needs through innovative solutions and cost-controlled design processes.

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We recommend the SMART package to our clients who need a specific concept and permit plan at short notice. In this case, all available alternatives will be analysed and the authorisation procedure will be carried out, including the cost estimate.

The OPTIMUM package covers the entire project lifecycle, including all design phases from site selection to turnkey delivery. The big advantage of complex planning is that we have the greatest possible influence on the final outcome of the investment project through continuous monitoring. The choice of OPTIMUM and SMART package is ideal for Hungarian and international investors and property developers.

The Design and Build package often require a permit plan as basis. The advantage is that organic cooperation with contractors will be optimal in terms of time and cost. Can be combined with the SMART package.

The fourth, the Localisation Package, is aimed primarily at international design firms for neutralization, localization, and licensing for Hungarian projects. We will provide feasibility study based on the content of the concept plan and, if required, we are able to carry out the entire authorization procedure.

Our specialised design packages are the ideal choice for Hungarian and international general and architectural design companies, contractors and manufacturers. We distinguish between two types of design packages: structural and facade design. They are similar in terms of the conceptual design, the licensing, the tender design and the project analysis, but the essential and important differences are in implementation and realisation.

both the structural design and facade design analyses are carried out by customized software - such as the choice of the optimal structural system, shape research using parametric design methods or even cost and risk analysis - are also part of the packages. The permit plans are prepared according to the specifications of the authorities, with a focus on the main manufacturing and construction aspects.

In Value Engineering supported by cost analysis, the analysis of alternatives involves the contractor and the manufacturer. The 3D visualisation and cost estimation is followed by detailed design documentation adapted to the general construction model, including detailed material take off, as required for realization.

For both disciplines, the optimised parametric model for the design includes the preparation of design documentation adapted to the manufacturing and assembling technology. Production tracking for a given package is done with 4D visualisation, and this phase even includes the creation of a 3D mock-up model.

In the case of facade design, the parametric model and the design documentation have been linked to the manufacturing technology, and the assembly drawings are based on the 3D digitally scanned site model. Production tracking is done with 4D visualisation and includes the creation of a 3D mock-up model.

Cost analysis and ongoing design support, including production and implementation, are also included as standard in both packages.

BIM-based visualisation, spatial design coordination and the provision of relevant collision-free models are a basic element of our normal operations, which we provide in all our design tasks! Our aim is to maintain transparency and high quality in the design process and to support the implementation phase without any problems.

BIM 5D package: with our advanced BIM-based cost estimation processes, we can produce design budgets more accurately and quickly than the traditional "manual quantity take-off" methodology, supporting the client in the financial control of the project. Our team has extensive experience in the use of international budgeting systems, so we are able to adapt immediately and flexibly to the needs of our clients, like the German DIN 276, AVA (VOB requirements), Offerte_L systems or the frequently used TERC-ÖN structure.

BIM 4D package: With our spatial and temporal scheduling, construction animation and organisation work package, we can simulate and optimise the realisation of your project, avoiding the problems of scheduling works on site. With model-based status tracking of building elements, we can provide a transparent picture of the status and progress of the project at any time, and thus identify obstacles in the process.

Digital twin package: We carry out site surveys and record current and completed conditions on the basis of BIM models using the most modern geo-spatial information tools (laser scanners, point cloud solutions) to ensure that the client receives all factual and real information about his project. The "digital twin" of the project is able to track and model reality, thus providing a huge help in the subsequent facility management processes. The factual, regular recording of the status achieved also effectively supports the financial accounting of the project.

BIM Expert Package: our experienced BIM team can assist you with professional BIM management of your projects, regardless of your design role. We can support project owners and contractors to use the most advanced BIM tools for their projects, and enable their implementation team to work in an efficient and transparent (MSZ EN ISO 19650 BIM compliant) environment. With our BIM standard template documents (EIR, Pre-BEP, BEB) we are able to create transparent and realistic contractual conditions, thus avoiding potential disputes (not favourable to either party) at the end of the design process.

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