This year's foreign market grant could pay off as early as next year

Péter Szijjártó paid a personal visit to the Kecskemét office of BIM Design on Monday, as the company is one of the 49 Hungarian companies that won a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency.  According to the head of BIM Design, the HUF 27 million received could pay for itself as early as 2021, and the design firm aims to become a dominant player in the Western and Northern European market within 1 year. The Kecskemét-based company offers marketable services on an international level: thanks to the application of the 3D BIM model, not only construction costs but also aspects such as operation are in focus.

BIM Design has won a HUF 27 million non-refundable grant in the framework of a tender launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency. The company is one of Hungary's leading independent generic design firms, and the money will be used to expand into the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Scandinavian regions, as well as the Middle East.

At the press conference, Szijjártó noted that new market opportunities "will not fall into our laps by themselves". Digital development, branding, reaching new customers and clients are needed. The programme provides assistance to companies that can use this support to strengthen their presence in foreign markets, increase their export revenue and thus improve the performance of the Hungarian economy.

Csaba Kelemen, CEO of BIM Design, said at the press conference: "Our growing team of professionals, now close to 80 people, can follow a project through with ongoing engineering support. This means that the 3D BIM model not only focuses on construction costs, but also on aspects such as operation. This allows us to serve the specific, individual needs of investors, contractors and manufacturers, guaranteeing predictable investments and maintenance. I believe that our ambitions are not far off the mark when we plan to be working on major international projects in 2021 thanks to the funding and to become an active player in the DACH and Nordic region.

BIM Design Ltd. always strives to design feasible facilities that go beyond aesthetics, achieve the optimum cost, and take into account sustainability. They can follow a project through with continuous design support using a 3D BIM model, enabling them to serve the specific, unique needs of investors, contractors, manufacturers and guarantee predictable investments and uptime.

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